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Treating Fever in Children - WebMD.

08/08/2017 · If you take the child’s temperature in the armpit, a reading above 100.4 F usually indicates a fever. 2. If Temperature Is Below 102 Degrees F. You don't need to treat the fever unless the child is uncomfortable or has a history of seizures with fever. Make sure the child gets plenty of fluids and rest. 3. My almost 3 year old has a fever of 102.9. She is also not eating which is not normal for her. No runny nose, no other symptoms, just a fever. I got her to drink some apple juice earlier, but now she won't even drink that, she did have a popsicle. If your baby has a fever that lasts for more than 3 days, contact the doctor. Diarrhea. Contact the doctor if your baby's stools are especially loose or watery. Vomiting. Occasional spitting up, the easy flow of a baby's stomach contents through his or her mouth, is normal.

09/05/2009 · Billy-Giana-Natalia <3 asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Toddler & Preschooler · 1 decade ago. My 3 year old suddenly got a fever of 102. otherrunny nose,. My pediatrician told me the guideline was if a fever is over 101 and not dropping after you've given Motrin bring your child in. Fever in children can be scary—doubly so if you don’t know the cause and can’t get expert advice when you need it. Fever in Children: When to Worry, What to Do. Part 1 in our 4-part series on fever in children. It reached 102.9 and I did take him to the ER. 25/08/2011 · Influenza, or the flu, represents another common cause of high fever and cough in children. The illness typically begins with a sudden high fever accompanied by chills, achiness and lack of energy. Other symptoms typically follow, such as a cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and possibly irritated eyes. Fever and throwing up sometimes signal less common but more serious infections like meningitis -- an infection of the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis generally causes other symptoms as well, including extreme sleepiness, neck stiffness and sometimes a rash.

01/10/2009 · Has anyone noticed their child spikes a high fever 102 or 103 when cutting a tooth? My daughter has had a fever of 102 and even as high as 103 on a few different occasions in the last 6 months or so. I took her to the doctor each time and they can never find anything wrong. 10/12/2019 · How to Handle Fever in Baby, Toddler & Older Child. Your child awakens in the middle of the night crying inconsolably. He feels hot to the touch,. 19/07/2008 · Don't panic. Give him a fever reducer first, then call your doctor's emergency line if it doesn't start to go down in the next 20-30 minutes. I've gone to the emergency room with fevers higher than that and they always told me to give them a fever reducer and wait for it. 01/06/2011 · In a 9-month-old, a fever is usually due to a viral infection or the common cold, according to. As the body fights the infection, her body temperature rises. If your 9-month-old has a fever, it’s important to keep her hydrated and watch for warning signs.

So out of the blue last night my baby girl was feeling very hot so we took her temperature rectally and it was 102.9. She was fine the whole day but then started getting cranky in the evening. She has no runny nose or cough or any visible signs. No rashes. I called the doctors and they said give her. 3. Scarlet Fever. Scarlet fever is caused by streptococcal infection. In the beginning no signs are observed, but after the passage of a fixed time period which can be between one to four days, the symptoms begin to appear. The initial symptoms of scarlet fever are similar to that of strep throat and might include sore throat, fever and headache. 19/10/2018 · Get the facts on the causes, symptoms, and treatment acetaminophen of fever in children. Learn When to worry, when a high fever is an emergency and how to.

09/12/2019 · RELATED: Toddler Fever Fears: A Guide for Treating Fever in Kids But while fevers usually signal a cold or flu, they may also point to strep throat, ear infection, or urinary tract infections. What’s more, vaccines can cause a temporary fever up to 48 hours after immunization, which is completely normal and safe, says Anne Tran, M.D., a pediatric hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente in. In healthy kids, not all fevers need to be treated. High fever, though, can make a child uncomfortable and make problems such as dehydration worse. Doctors decide on whether to treat a fever by considering both the temperature and a child's overall condition. He had a 102.9 fever I was worried but he had no symptoms other then a little sluggish. I took him to the dr and he said it was a virus in his body.Older children with a fever 6 to 24 months old who are acting well and have no other symptoms should be seen if the fever lasts 48 hours or 72 hours if they do. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Ferguson on 102 fever in 2 year old: A normal, healthy, happy toddler who gets a fever of 102 but no other symptoms most likely has caught a virus, or a bacterial ear or throat infection. A first step is to give tylenol acetaminophen or motrin. 19/05/2019 · Try these tips from WebMD to help your feverish child. Never give your child aspirin. It can cause a serious condition called Reye’s syndrome. Avoid combination cold and flu remedies in young kids. They shouldn't be used in children under age 4.

My 3 year old suddenly got a fever of 102.9..no.

Is your toddler sick? Learn how to treat and care for sick toddlers who may have a cold, a cough, a fever, a stomach virus, or the flu. Just as importantly, learn when to call the doctor when your child is ill. Parents know that fevers are very common in children, especially small children. But our biggest concern may be if/when you should call your pediatrician or take your child to the ER.Below is a list of signs and symptoms in addition to fever for when you should contact your doctor.

A fever accompanied by breathing or swallowing problems, problems with urination, abdominal pain, rash, stiff neck, and/or problems with waking up warrants a trip to the emergency room. Lastly, a child age 3 or older who is behind on vaccinations with a fever that has lasted for two or more days should be taken to an emergency room.  . Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Ifft on 102 fever adults: Does he/she have other symptoms? eating/drinking fluids? Any past medical history or on medications? Has he/she been exposed to others who are ill? A fever of 102 in a healthy 5 year old is generally not dangerous and can be. 29/04/2015 · Your child’s fever is 104 F 40 C or over orally, or 102.9 F 39.4 C, under the armpit. Remember, if your child does get a fever, do not panic – fever is one of the body’s built-in defence systems. If the fever does rise to a concerning temperature, consult your health care practitioner immediately. Homeopathic Fever Remedies. Here's what you need to know about fever in adults: What the possible causes are, temperature ranges and when to be concerned, how to make sure the temperature reading is accurate, when you need to see a doctor, stages of fever and how to treat a fever.

11/01/2018 · The child gets over the fever and develops no further symptoms and has recovered, or; the child resolves the fever but other symptoms eg. runny nose and cough develop which indicate the immune system loss the battle with that specific virus which has now localized to a. Duration of Fever Danger. A spiking fever can be dangerous and often requires medical intervention, especially if the high fever lasts for more than 72 hours. According to the Medical University of South Carolina MUSC, when a high fever persists, it can be dangerous. It can also be a sign that a serious medical condition is present.

What Causes Fever and Throwing Up in Children?.

my four year old has a fever of 102.4, i gave tylenol the temperature goes down but them it comes back up. She does not have vomiting or diarrhea. Should i give her a warm bath to try to reduce the fever. So my daughter Constantly gets colds from daycare. She has never run a fever with them. Even when she had a double ear infection her temp. was pretty normal. A month or two ago we got a call from daycare that she was running a 102 fever so we picked her up. She had a.

16/10/2019 · Discusses fevers in children age 11 and younger. Includes info on temperatures considered normal, mild fever, or high fever. Offers home treatment tips to reduce fever. Includes interactive tool to help you decide when to call a doctor. Chills, Fatigue, Fever and Increased thirst. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms chills, fatigue, fever and increased thirst including Medication reaction or side-effect, Acute sinusitis, and Lyme disease.

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